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The measurement rig is composed of a stirrup with dimensions adapted to the diameters range to be measured.

This stirrup includes two brooches, each one having three bearings. One of the bearings is fixed on eccentric.

The three bearings enable to take measurements of a work piece from an extremity to the other, keeping only two bearings in contact with this one at each end.

The two angled arms are easy to install on the stirrup with arches and screws. The assembly of sensor arm holders is identical.

Positioning of the stirrup and the sensors is made easier by use of a clever spirit level.

The two sensors and the measuring wheel are connected to the case by cables.

When we press the button OK situated on the electronic case, the various steps appear successively on display. These steps are necessary to adjust the system and to carry out a measurement.

The measurement rig can be propelled at a speed of 0,3 m/s, and it measures the diameter evolution every millimeter. It stores until 32.000 values.

Once the measurement is carried out, the instrument can be connected to the battery-driven printer, which is part of the system, and a printout made.



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